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Spring Collection

Spring Collection

Old and New Favorites for Spring from A Quarter to Tea. These fun flavors will put a spring in your step from March through June!  These new teas include: Honeyed Apricots and Almond Chun Mee Tea Peep Crispies Genmaicha Tamarind Orange Pop And our old favorites that will only be...

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A Quarter to Tea

At a Quarter to Tea, we love tea. And more than that, we believe that good tea is more than a drink, good tea is an experience. We want you to share that experience with us and join us in believing that it's always tea time.

All of our flavored teas are handcrafted and handblended so the creativity for blends is limitless. We draw inspiration from friends, family, fellow tea drinkers and daily life experiences. We use our appreciation and understanding of loose leaf tea to create a tea that is as much an experience to drink as it was to create.

Our loose leaf teas are the highest quality we can achieve. We use only ingredients and teas we believe in, and source locally and organically as much as we can. We do not add artificial flavors to our teas, and spare no expense in delivering unique and fantastic loose leaf experiences to you.

All of our orders are processed and blended only prior to shipping because we believe tea is the best journey when it is made to order.