Bai Mou Hou White Monkey Green Tea

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Bai Mao Hou White Monkey is a traditional green tea variety that grows along the slopes of the Taimu mountains in Fujian province, of China. The young leaves and unopened buds of the new season growth are plucked and processed exclusively by hand.

The tea gets it's name from the result of this careful practice -- a tea that appears intricately woven with large and beautiful white tips looking like white-haired monkey's paws.

The cup is a delicate pale yellow, with fresh and subtly seaweed and spinach like vegetal flavors, a slight nuttiness, with a delicate natural sweetness and a slightly dry finish. Perfect for green tea lovers.

 Tea Region
Bai Mou Hou Fujian, China


 Flavors & Characteristics How to Steep
seaweed, spinach, nutty, sweet, vegetal, crisp 2-3 minutes at 170F


premium chinese green tea

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