Coral Flowers/Abstract - Tea Cozy

$ 33.00

This fully reversible handmade teapot cozy is a great gift for any tea drinker!

This is my brand new dumpling style tea cozy design! The top ruffle is elastic lined, and allows immediate access to the teapot to facilitate the ease of adding additional water or tea. The cozy can also be tied to secure the fit. These are top-stitched and have many little details to polish them no matter which side of the cozy you choose to display.

This classy tea cozy features large flowers on a brown background on one side and a matching abstract square pattern on the other. Your cozy will be made from quilters cotton or flannel. The InsulBrite inner lining assures that your tea will stay cozy and hot as long as possible. Perfect conversation piece for your kitchen, and tea parties. Our bright patterns and fun colors will be sure to brighten your day.

Several samples of our tea will be included with your cozy. If you have flavor preferences let us know!

Accesorize It:

 All of our cozies are pictured with the ceramic teapots you can also find in our shop. 

Care Instructions:
Cozies can be handwashed and air-dried and will come with a card outlining their usage and care

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