Kenya Silver Back Silver Needle Tea

$ 11.75

First planted with tea in 1903, the majority of Kenya’s tea gardens are clustered on the slopes of the Great Rift Valley which produces a whopping 22% of the worlds tea exports (349,000 tons of tea a year)! Unlike most of the tea produced here, Kenya Silverback is believed to be one of the rarest teas in the world with only 600 kgs produced annually.

The tea is only made from the choicest white tips harvested from select plants 5600 ft – 6500 ft above sea level. The fresh leaf is hand plucked, hand rolled and dried naturally. The process is exceedingly laborious and even the most skilled tea artisan can produce only about 1 kg per day. This process, though, results in a white tea with a lot of character. The cup opens with notes of honey, hazelnut and vanilla cream and has an incredibly smooth finish.

Definitely give this multiple steeps. We think the second is truly amazing!

 Tea Region
Kenya Silverback Kenya, Africa


 Flavors & Characteristics How to Steep
creamy, vanilla, smooth, layered, honey, hazelnut 2-3 minutes at 180F


premium white tea

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