Our Indefinite Hiatus

I started A Quarter to Tea in 2015. Over the next four and some years, I've surrounded myself and had the chance to chat with amazing people that propelled it to a point where I was both surprised and proud.

My goal was to share a genuine love and appreciation of tea that made it accessible to everyone.

With your support and enthusiasm, I'm confident we did that. But now we need a break.


Today we are announcing an official, indefinite hiatus from A Quarter to Tea. All pre-paid boxes and outstanding orders will be fulfilled. Any orders placed today will also be fulfilled. After that we will be taking no new orders.

Here are some reasons why this is happening:

I have become heavily invested in my regular 9-5 job and securing a stable path forward in our future. Hopefully ultimately this opens us to a new world of ideas and wholesale opportunities to expand A Quarter to Tea's presence locally and globally on our return.

The role of social media has changed in our company. During this indefinite break, I will be searching to find ways to connect and grow the community without relying as heavily on the Facebook and Instagram platform

Lastly, recent health scares and the death of a longtime companion animal have led me to re-evaluate the workload I am currently under. My husband and I both have 40 hours/week jobs, and A Quarter to Tea has always been a labor of love, but it's become a labor of love that takes up an additional 20 hours/week for both of us. We both need to step back and catch our breaths.

I simply need space from AQ2T to get excited about it's direction and new ideas. I need to step back now so I can start again later.

Thank you for your understand and support over the years. It's been amazing in so many ways.

Always Yours,