Castleton Estate Second Flush Darjeeling Tea FTGFOP

$ 1.50

A second flush high quality tea from the Castleton Estate in Darjeeling, India. This tea has beautiful muscatel notes, a medium body, and a high, clean finish.

The estate is near the town of Kurseong in the Darjeeling district of northern India. Castleton is one of the top estates in Darjeeling, and it shows in the quality of their tea.

Produced in the Himalayas, Darjeelings are grown in the shadow of Kangchenjunga, the snow capped mountain said to be home of the Hindu God “Shiva” -the Destroyer. Darjeeling means land of the Thunderbolt and it is in fact the weather, combined with the attitude, soil and bright sunlight (something called terroir) that result in Darjeeling truly being the champagne of tea.

 Tea Region
Castleton Estate Second Flush Darjeeling Tea FTGFOP Darjeeling, India


 Flavors & Characteristics How to Steep
medium body, crisp, muscatel, clean 3-5 minutes at 190F


darjeeling tea

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