ICED TEA - Ice Brandy White Tea

$ 3.70

The best premium iced tea couldn't be easier -- just add water! Each iced tea pouch comes in a large, sealed teabag that will cold brew the perfect 2 quart (1.9L) pitcher of iced tea -- TWICE! (That's a full gallon of delicious iced tea -- yum!) 

Take a detour from a galaxy-sized adventure for this drink.

A vanilla cream and fruity brandy base with the iciness of eucalyptus make this the favorite drink of doctors in the Citadel.

The teabag is unbleached and biodegradable. Perfect for summer composting.

Each pouch contains between 0.4-0.75 ounces of premium tea.

 Base Region
Bai mu Dan Fujian, China
 Flavor & Characteristics How to Steep
sweet, candy, exotic, fresh, peppermint 2 quarts of filtered water / 4-8 hours in refrigerator
white peony tea, eucalyptus, butterfly pea blossom, cornflower petals, natural flavors


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