Russian Bonfire Black Tea

$ 1.50

Russian Bonfire is our take on a Russian Caravan tea. During the time of Czar, chest of tea would travel on camelback from China to Moscow. This tea was famous for the smoky smell of the campfire it would absorb along the journey. 

Our version is sweet and jammy with a rich smoky flavor that pairs well with the darker muscatel notes of the Castleton Darjeeling. Blended with a flourish of petals to add dryness and look like those iconic bonfires.

 Tea Region
Keemun/Castleton Estate Darjeeling Second Flush FTGFOP/Lapsang Souchong china/india


 Flavors & Characteristics How to Steep
smoky, malty, fruity, muscatel, rich, jammy 3-5 minutes at 190F


black teas, calendula, safflower

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