Temi Estate Sikkim Tea FTGFOP

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The name Sikkim is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'mountainous land' and was coined by Nepalese settlers hundreds of years ago. The tea growing region sprawls out below Mount Khanchendzonga in the Eastern Himalayas. This mountain, at 8540 meters above sea level, is revered by the Sikkimese as a protective deity.

Probably owing to their similar mountain climates, Temis share the same distinctive muscatel notes of high quality Darjeelings. Of course, there are certain differences of note. Alongside the muscatel, distinct undertones of sweet peach are layered with hints of almond – nuances that give the tea a slightly sweeter character than many Darjeelings.

 Tea Region
Temi Estate Sikkim Tea FTGFOP Darjeeling, India


 Flavors & Characteristics How to Steep
medium body, crisp, muscatel, clean, stone fruit, almond 3-5 minutes at 190F


darjeeling tea

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